Google Business Tools

Work Better Together from Anywhere.

More than four million businesses have made the move to Google Apps for
Business to help employees work better together and be more productive,
wherever and whenever they work. Google’s solution is 100% web-based,
which means software updates are as easy as refreshing your web browser.
With Google Apps, there are no servers to purchase and maintain, reducing
IT cost and complexity.

Google Apps includes secure, reliable workplace tools for email, chat, calendar,
document creation, video sharing and project websites, and allows for easy
extensibility with hundreds of applications in the Google Apps Marketplace.


Switching to Google Apps is easy for IT and for end-users. With data migration
capabilities for all common legacy systems included at no extra cost, companies
can transition quickly and with minimal disruption. Google Apps offers users
the familiar experiences of Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and other
tools already used by hundreds of millions of people in their personal lives,
so minimal training and support is required.


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